November 19, 2010

Some fun new ebooks!

So Over The Top, yet way too cute! Layers upon fun layers layers makes this bow so much fun to make. There are endless possibilities and you can let your creativity flow! You'll learn how to make the bow pictured, and from there endless embellishments can be added to make it your own unique style. There's bows and buttons, swarovski crystals and glass pearls, ric rak and rhinestone buckles, and the list goes on as to all the embellishments you can play with! These bows are perfect for boutiques, craft shows, props for photographers, or your little sassy one to strut her stuff in.

She's fit to be tied, and this tutu makes it clear! Lots and lots of tulle is used in the outrageous little tutu. This is by far the poofiest and fullest tutu I have seen around, and it is too darn cute!

These aren't quite a new ebook, as I've sold them for a while now, but I've included a fun little bow option now! I just adore the sweetness of the bow, yet still funky.

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