September 09, 2009

Upcycled and Sweet!

I haven't really made the time to get into the whole upcycle trend, and I have many projects awaiting their transformation on my sewing tables as proof.  Someday those summer dresses will be made for Symphony and Bella, and when that day comes, I'm sure the trend will have passed on!

By special request I have made a super sweet vintage little Strawberry Shortcake set that I am in love with!  I had originally bought the fabric at a steal, considering how much they were wanting for it at the Rose Bowl Flea Market (which is a rip off!), with the intentions of selling it by the yard.  I was reminded of the sheeting I had stashed away, and made a super cute little set!  I am super in love with the wipes case that I had to applique a small strawberry onto due to wear on the print.  All in all, I love it and hope the sweet little girl will adore it too!