May 31, 2009

I'm in Love With These!



If only I could wear it!

May 19, 2009

Goodnight, Sleep Tight, and Don't Let the Monsters Bite...

We have just reached a HUGE accomplishment in our household... getting our girls to sleep in their own room!  I have tried for a couple of years with little sympathy when they cry in their room at night (mean, huh?), but the hubby just breaks down and lets them back in.  I had enough with a 2 year old kicking and hitting me because of dreams that she's throwing tantrums in.  I can't forget to mention the infant in the bassinet beside me, oh and yes... the 5 year old on the couch in the same room.  Why is it necessary to have a house with rooms when we all sleep in one?

Anyways, I have browsed a few spots on Etsy and found a shop that I absolutely LOVE and decided to put a couple little items together for those of you needing to get your kids out... or am I the only one?

This Nightmare Snatcher is way too cute!  "The world can be a scary place, full of nightly noises, menacing monsters, and dreadful dreams. But not every monster wants to scare and terrify. With the help of a magical spell and an appetite for troubles, a monster can be your dearest friend.

Furry and fearless, friendly but ferocious, these Nightmare Snatchers® are the perfect journals for writing down and drawing out all that scares, frightens, and worries. You have only to recite the spell found at the front of the book, record your woes on their aged tea-stained pages, then mark your page with their long tail and your faithful friend the Nightmare Snatcher® will eat your fears away."

There are plenty of choices in the Spiderbite Boutique, and you can even customize one if you'd like!
A cute little mask can cover up their eyes (my girls use one) and keep scary shadows and flickers away from their wild imaginations.  LovelyArt has a cute selection for girls!

Last but not least is the Go Away Monster Spray,  "designed to scare away the meanest and furriest of imaginary beasts!"  Have them spray some of this and the monsters are sure to stay out!

Oh, how I love Etsy!