July 23, 2009

Oh, How I love Thee

These are so me and my love for vintage and retro style.   The simple look of each of her designs, and detail in each design tempts me to buy them all... immediately! Her designs are edgy and retro, and so very stylish!   

Sew Mama Sew has even posted a pattern review (with a simple modification) for her Macaron Dress here.

Come by Colette Patterns and pick some out for yourself. 

July 16, 2009

Time for a Change!

To tell you the truth, it's been a change that I've wanted for so long, but haven't put the time into doing.  It takes a lot to revamp, if I had only known that from the beginning!  Be on the lookout for a new BellaSymphony very soon, and until then enjoy the new blog background.

July 08, 2009


It's been a long time since there's been a giveaway, or much posting.  So, to try and start anew, here's the giveaway.  Either visit my etsy shop or online boutique, and leave a comment of something you'd love to have!  The giveaway will be the item pictured below, the outcome of my newest eBook, a Little Buns Changing Mat in mod Amy Butler prints. 

A handy little item to have on the go! This compact little changing pad is hip and stylish, not to mention a clean place to lay your little one while changing them on the go. Bathroom changing tables are handy, but the nasty plastic isn't what I would want my baby's skin up against. 
Changing pad measures 18"x24" when open, rolls up into a compact 9"x2"x2" making it the perfect size for your purse or bag, and it's machine washable!

Click on either of the following:

Winner will be chosen by the lovely random number generator on August 1st.  Check back soon for more tutorials and giveaways!