August 02, 2009

A Tad Bit Late, But I'm So Excited!

I started off BellaSymphony just like all the other million and one WAHMs that have online baby boutiques. I wanted something that fit my style and didn't want to pay a fortune for it.  I ventured off and started a company with very little experience at hand, but, I am quick at understanding directions and crafting comes easy to me.  Who would of thought this could be, I by no means thought I had a creative piece in me, but I've seem to have proven myself wrong. Some of my old friends from high school may disagree due to the creativity I put into my clothing back in the day, but hey, money was tight and the thrift store was my friend.  So I digress  :)

Any how, I started BellaSymphony off not even knowing what a bobbin was or it's purpose. I on the other hand was determined to make my own stuff because I knew I could do it.  The hubby had to school me on what a bobbin was when after trying to sew over and over again, nothing was happening!  Needless to say, it wasn't a a very great lesson to learn because "Mr. Home Ec" had to teach me....  Why the heck didn't I ever take this class that I shunned and thought was so silly during my youth?  I probably could have made a much better wardrobe than I had from the thrift store had I had some mad sewing skills and a machine!  I have since come a long way, but really want to improve in many areas of sewing, and actually learn the correct methods to clothing construction.

So back to BellaSymphony.....  My little business is doing well, actually more than well as I sit and add up all my sales for each month, I am blown away, and totally thankful for God's provision in bringing me lots of stylish & hip customers.  I am loving making patterns and ebooks, but my knowledge only goes so far when dealing with sizing.  Clothing has somewhat become a love of mine, along with many other things, and I really want to pursue that at this time.  I am super excited to finally actually go to school for Fashion Design!  I'm going to actually learn professional industry techniques, pattern making, couture sewing and so very much more!  

So, in the excitement of it all, I thought I would share a few lovely "back to school" items I would love to have, from my fellow Etsy artists, as I head back to school in Fashion Design.... enjoy! 

I'm a total sucker for red and thread by Emmalynne

I will definitely need a new pencil pouch (love the houndstooth on the backside) by madebyhank

A lovely vintage stapler from TopsyDesgin

a sketch book (I love that it's bingo, so fun!) by Somavenus

Totally not necessary, but I have loved this since I seen it on the FP of Etsy from Spacejam

I may need an extra sketch book, and this one is just perfect! by Doti

Of course I will probably be fully stocked for supplies and notions since I have a whole room dedicated to sewing and crafting, but the above items are all things that I would so love to have to start off as a new Fashion Design college student...


Jackie said...

You go girl! :) Good for you for going back to school - it really takes guts and determination! My youngest sister went to college for Fashion Design - she's always been the artsy one, yet somehow I'm the one who started a children's clothing business...go figure! Best of luck! :)

Susan said...


I am so happy for you!!! How completely thrilling! I can hardly wait to see what wonderful things you make with your new and deeper grasp of design and composition.

I will keep you in my prayers.

Love, Susan

my word verification for this comment is "caring". how sweet, huh???

Stroup Family said...

I just found your store, and I love it! Such talent, adorable items, and the gift of God- pure greatness! I might have to purchase some of your tutorials and bring out the creative side in me just because they look so fun!
Good luck in Fashion School! I am excited to see the new clothing styles you come up with!

foldreformer said...

How exciting!!!! I am so happy for you! What a great opportunity! Can't wait to see what you'll do with it, you always turn out beautiful things :O)

Vintage Lucy's Brand said...

Wow that is great and will be soooo Fun and exciting!!!!

Vintage Lucy's Brand said...

Wow that is awesome!!!!