August 12, 2009

Standing Up For Professional Values

I could easily stoop that low name this post something else and direct this somewhere else, but it's about being professional, and so I shall restrain myself, when God knows I just want to unleash on a certain handful...ha!

Dippilulu has nailed it where it hurts!  These are so perfect and I couldn't agree more when it comes to a "nasty copycat" or those who directly "rip off your work".  I love her little biting statements that socks it to those who don't "Show Respect and Give Credit" or lack the ethics to "Stay Professional and Be Honest".  Remember, to always "Keep Integrity and Be Honest". 

Following these words of wisdom will get you a long way and keep you from burning way too many bridges.  After all, if you have a business of your own, you want to be successful and stay running, right?  Keep up the good ethics and don't be deceitful to try and get ahead.  Lots of business owners do it, and guess what... their businesses fold quickly not to mention the guilty conscience they will continually carry for doing so!  I've seen it happen first hand!

Now on to the good stuff...


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