March 14, 2008

So Chic

I accidently was redirected to this gorgeous site, Enfant Terrible, filled with couture baby items. Take a look at what they have, we personally love these over here at BellaSymphony!

These Georgina Goodman Mary Janes are simply chic...
and these Sue London Pram Slippers make me want to have another little girl just to adorn her little feet!

They have some wonderfully nice people running their boutique too!


Denise Bovee said...

O my! i must have these! Superr cute! thaks for sharing! :) said...

I second that! They are so nice and helpful at Enfant Terrible!

Susan said...

i hope you start making similar shoes to the ones you've pictured, because i can't afford them from that webseller!

love, susan