March 13, 2008

Lost and Found

Go and see the world of Belle and Boo , a sweet little shop filled with all things good.


rubyellen said...

i love belle and boo! it was the first ever etsy shop i fell in love with... they are real goodies!

Susan said...

hey, did you find this seller because of me??? i love belle and boo! i actually bought you a button of her little freedom girl because it reminded me of symphony, but i never mailed it to you - :O( and i think faith, kellee's daughter, looks a lot like little ava.

love the shoes, by the way! thanks!

love, susan

Becky said...

yes, I found it through your favorites! You have such cute stuff on yours! How do you even come across these styles, I wouldn't even know what to search under?

I hope you are doing well, getting close, huh? :)