October 16, 2009

A Lovely Fall Afternoon

My little kidlets and I had so much fun today, as we finally got to meet up with the sweetness of Ruby, owner of Cakies, and her girls True and Brave. She really is super creative, talented, and gifted, with all the work that her hands make. Ahh, I just love all of her creations!

She treated my girls with homemade pizza that Symphony said she "could eat forever and ever!", she gave us some really thoughtful gifts (we still owe her ours!), and we just had such a fun time hanging out! It was clean up time and my girls were bummed that we had to leave, but we will have to get together again soon.

So on this lovely Fall afternoon (that was awaited with much anticipation), Ruby and I talked about shop updates, and "business" in general. I was so excited to hear that she was going to have a shop update on Friday, and just read what to be expecting in her shop! I have been searching for little leave clips, and yep, you guessed it, she's updating it with lovely little leaves. I can't wait to snatch some up today! Go on over to her shop and pick up a few too :)

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Rubyellen said...

becky!!! we are so SO glad you came over!!! We must do it again!!!