February 03, 2009

Play With Your Food!

I am a sucker for handmade items because they are one of a kind and are made with lots of love, creativity, talent, and loads of time.  I have been on a kick for felt food and, well, anything felt that can take the place of store bought plastic.   My girls are anxiously awaiting several items I have began to make for them, but really haven't had the time to complete as of yet.  Did I mention that time goes into handmade items  :)

Here is a shop on Etsy that I ran across and love so many of the patterns!  The designer for Little Crickets has come up with so many cute designs and I need, or want, so many of them!  Here are some pics of just terribly cute patterns that she offers.  If you have little ones that like to play "restaurant,"  or just play with food, give these a try!  If you don't have the time, she also sells them already made to go at her Little Bitty Bakery Shop.

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