August 11, 2008

BellaSymphony is Moving on Out!

Well, sort of! I have been contemplating continuing on with BellaSymphony for some time because business has gotten so crazy busy, with less and less room to work. Don't get me wrong, I love it, but I have been pushed out of my studio with all the materials, machines, notion and yada yada.

With a little boy on the way my studio would no longer be a sewing studio, but now be transformed into a nursery, with the question as to "where in the world will I be working on my orders?" Not to fret, that's why God has blessed me with my handyman husband! I will no longer have my studio that is over flooded with everything to make hip things for the little ones, but a brand new wide open space! Yay! Once all of the transformation is finished, I will definitely post some pics of my new work space! I can't wait! Not only do I get a new work space, but a nursery to decorate to my hearts desire! I'm starting to love the thought of having a boy and actually have a room for him too! Who knows, we may try for number four!


Susan said...

oh what fun!
i can hardly wait to see the pictures of both new spaces (especially of the nursery that is sure to be amazing).
love, susan

Rowena said...

Boys are great! Congratulations. They aren't nearly as scary when you have one, as opposed to the idea of one (snippets and snails and all that.)