June 22, 2008

Fun stuff is on it's way!

So as we are in a never ending game of playing catch up, and the orders just keep flooding, I am trying to add some new items that have been way overdue! I am hopeful to be adding some new items very soon!
Come visit my Etsy shop where our Crayon and Notebook caddy is ready to be purchased. Not only will your little one be rockin' some cool prints, but they can make there own! This is the perfect little caddy to keep them entertained while in a restaurant, during a car ride, or places that they may need to be a bit extra quiet. Each caddy holds up to 16 regular sized crayons, or 8 jumbo crayons along with a 4"x6" notepad, in case the coloring book was left behind! This hip little caddy has an elastic strap that hooks over a button. No need to have to worry about tying it up with a bow, your little one can do it themselves.

1 comment:

Rubyellen said...

These are very cute!!! And I saw your neckbands! Those are way cool!!! Great idea!!! We have to get together soon...